A Childhood Friend Lost :-/

My Childhood Friend
By: Morgan Lehnert

It was the summer of 1996, and being outside was not where I wanted to be. My parents had decided to move from Columbia to Wrightsville, so we were in and out all day long. I remember walking outside and looking up the street and seeing a young girl with bright blonde hair sitting on her porch with her mom. Next thing I knew, they were walking towards me and the rest of my family. They introduced themselves to us and told us that if we needed anything, not to hesitate to ask. This was a moment I did not think was going to be of much significance to me, however I was quite wrong. This bright blonde haired girl and I became best friends.

Her name was Lexi. Lexi and I were the same age, 6, and were going to the same school now. We spent every waking moment together after that first day we met. We had sleep overs, walked to and from school together, did homework together, and so on. Our parents could not separate us, but why would they? We were young and unstoppable.

The days, months, and years flew by before we knew it. Playing kickball in the field behind our houses, riding our bicycles up and down the street out front of our houses, going to the school playground; we had so much to do; and it felt like we had forever to do it. Then it happened! We did not expect this day to come. My parents had always rented houses, never bought a house before. Well, they bought a house across town; we were moving in just one week! The news was exciting, but heartbreaking at the same time. We had been in this house up from Lexi for about 3 years, and now we were moving far enough away that Lexi and I would not be able to walk to each other’s house. Lexi and I vowed that we would still make sure we got to hang out and continue to be best friends no matter what. We were young, so we did not know how heard it would be to keep this promise.]

It wasn’t long before we noticed we were drifting apart. During the remainder of our elementary school years we were able to stay true to our vow. However, once we reached the 6th grade, and were now big bad middle schoolers, we were introduced to so many new people and things started to change. We learned that we had new and different interests and found ourselves hanging out with different groups of friends. It was not long at all before we stopped talking and even seeing each other (except when we would pass each other in the halls at school). As we walked by each other we would nod our head or maybe wave every now and then, but as the days past the nods and waves dwindled to a glance or just completely ignoring one another.

It is heartbreaking to think back and reminisce about such a young and great friendship. It doesn’t take much to lose such a great thing when you are so young and have no control over what happens in life. It has been years since Lexi and I hung out, better yet, years since we even spoke to one another. Social media is about the only reason we are still “in touch” with one another. If it weren’t for social media I do not think we would even have a clue about what was going on in each other’s lives. I remember creating my Facebook and finding out that Lexi had one too. I guess you could say social media replenished our long lost friendship. We began to speak again, but by this time we were about to graduate high school and did not have much of anything in common anymore. We were no longer considered “best friends”, not even just friends, but rather acquaintances now. We remained in contact with each other after graduation which was good enough for me. Social media helped us be able to keep in contact.

The year we graduated Lexi had went through something I would never wish upon anybody, she lost her fiance. Nobody wants tragedy to be the reason we reconnect with one another, but in reality this is what happens. I felt for Lexi and wanted nothing but for her to have somebody to talk to during such a hard and grieving time in her life. I followed her story and helped in way I could when she was fundraising for his funeral. After his funeral however, we drifted apart once again. This time not as much as before, but enough that we weren’t event talking to each other. A like on Facebook here or there on a post, but no conversation whatsoever.

To this day, Lexi and I have both made major steps in our lives; buying our own houses, completing college, getting engaged, losing loved ones, etc. Although our only communication is through social media, I still cherish that little bit of communication because that friendship is what truly defines my childhood!


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