I am who I am!

I have always been one of those people who has jumped to conclusions, gotten upset fairly easy, and who speaks more than I prefer to listen. I am a very individualistic person and do not like to be told what to do or how to think. Growing up I was not like my siblings, I was my own person and along with that came my attitude.

All through high school I had difficulties with my tone and how I spoke to my elders and/or my teachers. This is something I will most likely always be battling, but less and less as I get older and learn more and more about myself.

It wasn’t until my Junior year in high school that my outlook on life and my attitude took a drastic change for the good. I met the love of my life.

Year 1

Stephen and I have been together for just short of 6 years (and counting). He is the kind of man that is gentle, kind, soft spoken, a great listener, and just full of life. We are complete opposites! I think this is why we work so well together and love each other so much. We equal each other out. I am fast paced and loud spoken, he is neutral and soft spoken. We fit perfect, one of pushing the other as well as one of us slowing the other down.

When Stephen came into my life I was a young teenager who was independent and wanted nothing but to do what she wanted without anybody asking questions. Since then he has taught me to slow down in life and enjoy each and every day for what it is. I would have to say, Stephen has helped me mature and grow into the young adult I am today and I don’t think I will ever be able to show him the gratitude that I have and the love that I feel for him and everything he has brought to my life.


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Internship :)

So I am currently participating in an Internship at my actual job. I am the Front End/Office manager at Musser’s Market (a family owned grocery store), but for my Internship I am doing much more than just office work. My boss recently came up to me an asked me to help him create a magazine ad for our Blossom Shop. The ad is going to be placed into a wedding magazine. A well known and popular wedding magazine. I had never done something like this before so I was a little nervous, but I took my time and used all the creativity I had.
Here is the final product 🙂


A Childhood Friend Lost :-/

My Childhood Friend
By: Morgan Lehnert

It was the summer of 1996, and being outside was not where I wanted to be. My parents had decided to move from Columbia to Wrightsville, so we were in and out all day long. I remember walking outside and looking up the street and seeing a young girl with bright blonde hair sitting on her porch with her mom. Next thing I knew, they were walking towards me and the rest of my family. They introduced themselves to us and told us that if we needed anything, not to hesitate to ask. This was a moment I did not think was going to be of much significance to me, however I was quite wrong. This bright blonde haired girl and I became best friends.

Her name was Lexi. Lexi and I were the same age, 6, and were going to the same school now. We spent every waking moment together after that first day we met. We had sleep overs, walked to and from school together, did homework together, and so on. Our parents could not separate us, but why would they? We were young and unstoppable.

The days, months, and years flew by before we knew it. Playing kickball in the field behind our houses, riding our bicycles up and down the street out front of our houses, going to the school playground; we had so much to do; and it felt like we had forever to do it. Then it happened! We did not expect this day to come. My parents had always rented houses, never bought a house before. Well, they bought a house across town; we were moving in just one week! The news was exciting, but heartbreaking at the same time. We had been in this house up from Lexi for about 3 years, and now we were moving far enough away that Lexi and I would not be able to walk to each other’s house. Lexi and I vowed that we would still make sure we got to hang out and continue to be best friends no matter what. We were young, so we did not know how heard it would be to keep this promise.]

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My story.

Childhood Confusion 

My sisters and I were huddled together in our bedroom, my baby brother soundly sleeping in his crib in the room next to us. All of this while our parents fought in the kitchen. We were living in a small rancher with a finished basement and a main floor. The kitchen was right inside the breezeway door and our room(s) were directly to the left of the kitchen. Our room was so close to the kitchen that the noises/sounds of our parents fighting were very loud. This was not the first time that my parents had fought like this, screaming at each other was normal to them. The sounds of chairs being pushed against the wall and the cries from my mother got louder and louder as the fight went on. Finally I could hear … “That’s it Mike, I am leaving, and the kids are coming with me!”

Sitting there on my older sister Lauren’s bed, we cuddled together and hugged one another, I could feel both my sister’s shoulders relax as her hug loosened. Although this was nothing I ever really wished and hoped to hear come out of my mother’s mouth; at this point I just wanted our parents to be normal and happy. You know, that perfect couple who is always happy, full of love and laughter, and just infatuated by one another. Of course, I wanted them to have/feel this while still being together, but I knew by this point they would not achieve such happiness until they were apart. Being together was no good for them, they showed such hatred towards each other; and my sisters and I could no longer stand to bare the cries coming from my mother.

My mother stormed into our bedroom and said, “Lets go girls, I am getting your brother and we are going to Aunt Jonna’s for the night.” My mother was crying as she spoke and was red in the face. Walking fast, we follow my mother to her car. As we all climbed into the car, my dad, unshaven face and dark, bloodshot, squinted eyes, stood in the kitchen window watching us and there was no emotion or sadness in his eyes. His three little girls, ages 11, 8, and 5, and his little boy, age 2, were leaving him and I saw nothing but relief in his dark eyes as they opened wider and his face relaxed. Continue reading

Sugar Plum Dumpling – 9/15/14

Review of Sugar Plum Dumpling.
This is a beautiful blend of soothing sounds. It is a perfect balance of all the instruments involved and is very refreshing. I would listen to this type of music if I were maybe having a bad day and just needed to sit back and relax. A beautiful collection of instruments with no words is the perfect sound for relaxation.